Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carolina Cornerstone Asheville NC Contractor

Carolina Cornerstone in Asheville North Carolina recently completed these beautiful condominiums in the "down downtown" Asheville area. Scott and his team over there have been very instrumental in developing the lower part of the City. Sometimes in these areas there is not too much profit to be made. CCCI has worked with Mountain Housing Opportunities to provide very nice 2 and 3 bedroom homes for families who would not normally qualify for a new home. Here is one of their premier projects in the area called the "Clingman Lofts". Pretty popular already being just 5 minutes to the center of downtown Asheville and 3 minutes from the West Side. They also do commercial work and are the ones who successfully built the Aston Park Tennis Center Clubhouse, which is right around the corner from this location. Some of their projects can also be seen on Abandre.com. Their office is located at 357 Depot St Asheville NC 28801. 828-251-9067 or CCCIDepot@bellsouth.net.

Highway Construction in Asheville Skyland area

Construction in South Asheville is exploding. We are talking about traffic jams, shopping madness, and peace only 5 minutes away into the Biltmore Park property. Here are some highway contractors working on building the new road that will expand this popular exit. There is also major road work being done on Long Shoals Road going out toward Hwy 191, Brevard Road. If you get off this exit and make a right at the light, Biltmore Park is the next left (behind McDonalds), and if you look straight ahead you will see nice 4 lane that was installed not too long ago. Very nice work and development.

Bitmore Park Construction in Asheville

Lots of development going on in Biltmore Park in South Asheville. One of these photos is of the new parking deck and some apartments beside them. The other is taking a look up the town square (circle), many businesses to the right and left, and some new apartments/condos under construction, straight ahead.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Asheville McDonalds demo... going down!

The main McDonald's on Patton Ave in West Asheville is going down and a new one coming soon. Here is some close footage of the demolition.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Old Diesel Tank Removal in Downtown Asheville

Stopped by this site today near downtown Patton Ave and Haywood Street, and they had a trackhoe digging up these old fuel tanks. Do not know at this time what is going to be built in this spot, but it is a great downtown location right off the Westgate Bridge if you are coming into downtown from West Asheville.

Asheville Sims Group gets a facelift

Sims Engineering in Asheville North Carolina is getting a facelift done on their "storefront" on Short Coxe Avenue in Asheville North Carolina. Tile refinish, graffiti proof paint, new garage front door, and some extra lighting accents. Perry Bartsch Construction of Asheville sourced the construction job out. You can visit Sims at www.simsgroupusa.com

New Construction in Asheville NC

Here is an apartment complex in West Asheville that is constantly building and growing. Word is that recently they are having a problem with the renters not paying, but that is happening everywhere with this current economy. Still they build! Construction in Asheville NC may have slowed down for a moment, but it is quickly resuming everywhere.

Asheville Construction Network

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Construction in Asheville about to pick up

Asheville North Carolina was on a nice run with home building and construction, until this bad market hit and everything pretty much stopped. Now the President has finally been chosen, and we are waiting for some word (and a quick miracle) from them. Besides that, we believe the area of Asheville is ready to be sowed. Looking forward to Spring 2009! www.AshevilleBuildingAndRealEstate.com